Credit Application

If you are affiliated to the Retirement Salary Fund of the National Police and to order a free investment loan for a maximum amount of $ 2.500.000.oo and minimum of $ 650.000.oo.

  • Fill out all fields with your personal information and to sign and enforce the footprint
  • The note and the letter of instructions only signature, ID, address, phone and track it shall be served, and should be printed on the back of the credit application.
  • Credit Application Form
  • Attach a photocopy of the certificate of citizenship extended to 150%
  • They should be sent to the email or Bogotá, Carrera 7th. No. 12B 58 10 Floor, Portfolio Group, Tel. 334 0482 Fax. Switch 286 2921 286 0911 Ext. 224 278

The receipt of the request does not imply a commitment to credit approval by the Bank. Once approved credit hedge funds, the amount to the bank account where it is recorded assignment, replacement or pension is paid. Upon approval of the Treasury is authorized credit for the assignment, replacement or pension is deducted monthly, as approved value.
The staff allowance of retirement, beneficiaries and pensioners Casur not need cosigner
The response of acceptance or denial of the loan application free investment will be made ¿¿through e-mail account that the user entered in the application form.
By which revoked Resolution No. 00357 of February 15, 2007 , and the rules of procedure issued Portfolio of collection obligations of CASUR


TC (r) Suarez Maria Yaneth Yanine
Tels. 5521809 
Switch 2860911 Ext. 224 278